Catechetical Sunday, Sept. 21, 2014

This weekend, parishes across the country will honor those who share in the evangelizing and teaching mission of the Church through a special rite of commissioning and blessing.  Here at San Marco Catholic Church the following catechists, along with the parents (who are the first teachers) were commissioned at the Family Potluck Dinner on August 25th to share the faith of the Church with the families, youth, and children of the parish: Theresa Mengelkoch (1st Grade), Donna Vale (2nd grade), Debbie Hobbs (2nd Grade), Gigi Spina (3rd Grade), Maya Martinez (3rd Grade), Lisa Babst (4th Grade), Mickey Flynn (4th Grade), Jeff Flint (5th Grade, Youth Group), Deb Schwab (Youth Group), Dorothy Flint – Youth Minister (6th thru 9th Grade, Youth Group, Sacramental Preparation).  Please keep these special ministers in your prayers throughout the year as well as the parents of children when you see them in Mass as we all work together to pass on our faith to the next generations.

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